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website redesign

With millions of songs at our finger tips, it can be tough to find new music you like. BANDxCITY used tastemakers in over a dozen cities around the world to find the best up and coming bands in each of those cities. I helped them focus their site around the monthly installments that tastemakers were already producing and expand the ways visitors could discover bands.

Take it or leave it?

One of the most important parts of any redesign is the auditing current content. It’s critical to make sense of what has already been done before determining where to refine, where to restructure, and where to start over. The BANDxCITY team had already been producing playlists and uploading songs for a year before the redesign. I focused on shaping the WordPress installation to match the new needs of the project while maintaining support for hundreds of posts.

The new site allowed the regional tastemakers to continue posting with little new training.

Browse with your eyes or your ears.

The BANDxCITY team saw the monthly installments as the core element of their vision and something that most needed improvement. To that end, I created an easy and enjoyable experience for the monthly installments using a clean layout and building a persistent audio player.

While the installments required active browsing to discover new music, the team was interested in other ways of navigating the work put in by their tastemakers. We looked to an old standard to interact with the site passively, radio. Radio stations, at their simplest, are well-chosen, endless playlists. I created support for radio stations based on individual cities as well as genre-based stations using the expertise and tagging of the BANDxCITY editors.

While the city pages focused on the monthly 7-song installments, the radio player showed only the current song. It aimed to drive listeners back to the monthly installment where the playing song originally appeared.