Connecting the dots.

The Kingdom Story

Interactive Timeline

It’s easy to look at the Bible as a loose anthology series made up of different stories each with new characters, themes, and settings. The Kingdom Story aims to show the Bible as one single narrative made up of connected stories. Beyond the cohesive branding package, I created illustrations to pair with the weekly installments along with a timeline to help thread the narrative together.

Illustrating Stories

Starting with a fairly primary color palette, I set out a system for the weekly illustrations. While the styles varied, one strategy drove every concept: create complex meaning through the relationship between simple symbols.

The series art introduces the colors along with the several of the symbols that would drive the weekly art.

A rising action sets every story in motion. In the Bible, that action is commonly called The Fall. While Creation is a story of unity and togetherness, the Fall is the story of rebellion and distance. Here, the eyes of Adam and Eve hide behind the leaf representing creation. It's both a straight depiction of the story and representation of the effect of this rising action.

Connecting the dots

I used the strengths of the web to extend the spoken word. A single voice presents one thread that it draws the listener along, while the web can weave those threads together to show the larger tapestry. That’s often what we’re doing when we make websites: showing a complex system, then zooming the visitor’s attention into specific parts of the system to help her understand the whole.

While every week has all the hallmarks of a functional story, rising action, climax, and resolution, each of these falls on the story graph of the larger narrative. I turned to the graph to serve as the navigation for the site.

Visitors walking through the site week by week could engage with that week's story while better understanding its broad context in the narrative of the Bible.