Rebuilding for the future.

Web & Brand System

At ten years old, Reality LA is moving from a “make it work” to a “make it last” mentality. It was at that junction that I led a website redesign and developed a design system to match not only where the organization is now, but provide tools to build for the future.

For the city not the choir.

More than a new coat of paint, we began by helping clarify the goals and audience of the site. The church website may be the first interaction someone has with Reality LA so it needs to be created with the same hospitality we aim for on Sundays.

We brought in more photography and created flows for visitors with different questions. Above any other call to action, we invited visitors to come to a Sunday gathering.

Explore in depth.

We needed a simple but powerful way to discover and engage with the over 700 resources already on the site. The resource explorer allows for fast targeting or thorough exploration. As you dive in, contextual menus provide a placeholder and animations visualize your path.

Flexible and comprehensive.

We worked with the different teams within the staff to not only discover the right needs for the site but also to shape their content to support the overall vision of the site.

To provide room to grow, we built functionality for a wide array of modules including: primary page CTAs, three-point pitches, contact team, related resources, and numerous image layouts.