I believe the best work is earnest work. Or at least, that’s the what I aim to make: design that believes in itself, commits to the strategy, and genuinely imagines a better world. Earnest work comes from an environment of safety, but it is anything but safe.

Chase rabbits.

The joy of good design is out there. Not in my head or personal style, but in research, in exploration, in hard work. My job is to ask questions, question assumptions, and follow where the process leads.

Square, 360° Campaign, 2022

Make way for others.

Design is a team sport. As a leader, I’m measured on how I serve my team. I strive to be there for my team from building clear briefs to clearing creative blocks, from leaning into hard conversations to giving oddly-specific praise.

Venice, Brand, 2020

Time is short.

I can only say “yes” to so many things, so I’m picky. But when I do say “yes”, I’m here to give it all I’ve got, step outside of my comfort zone, and make the work I want to see in the world.

Doublewrist, Brand + Web, 2020

Be earnest.

It’s cool to like things, to love them, to want people to know how great those things are. I’m not here to gate-keep. I’m here to guide my team, fall in love with our work, and cheer them on towards creative we’re proud of.

Etsy, TV Campaigns, 2019