Personal at scale.


Brand + Web

Solving complex business problems can be simple. Selligent is an end-to-end marketing platform allowing industry leaders to create personalized campaigns with ease. We partnered to refresh the brand and build a completely new website to center around their mission to make marketing personal.

Brand Concept

Data comes in all shapes and sizes.

Selligent’s platform takes messy data and shapes it to meet customers on an enterprise scale. We created a brand that shows how that human-shaped data can power rich customer relationships.

Content & Wireframes

Complex problems, simple pitch.

We worked to simplify how they spoke about their platform, adapt key content to regional needs of the European market, and more deeply connect the platform to the end consumer.

Web Design & Asset Creation

Forming a library.

We developed an abstracted visual system to represent the UI of both the product and the marketing communications. It was important the the style be able to be reproduced by the in-house team and would require minimal work to deploy across regions and languages.

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