More than models.

3D Square Hardware

Animated asset library

Hardware is an easy entry point for understanding a software company, so every creative team at Square uses hardware within their marketing. To serve the diverse needs of these teams, we created a library of 3D hardware assets that elevated quality, streamlined work, and saved money.


Something for everyone.

We created tools that would allow teams to have either the perfect tool or the right starting place to create their own work. We started by creating 3D models for a variety of use cases and formats including hi-res models for large format photo and super low-res for AR uses.

Pre-rendered assets

Grab and go.

Not everything needs to be made from scratch. We also created a suite of animations for each product that were ready to be used out of the box. Each asset focused on telling the product story with as simple of an animation as possible.

Modular assets

Some assembly required.

While we could never meet the needs of every creative ask with a library, we built the library to be flexible enough for an outsized list of use cases. One key part of this were modular assets with common interactions and replaceable screens. These could be stitched together and adapted to a broad range of needs.

In use

Powering creative work.

These assets have been used to increase conversion on the Square homepage, provide rich scrolling experiences on our product pages, and directly drive sales in countless performance marketing campaigns. New products can easily be swapped into old assets or AI generated scenes. As new ideas and needs emerge, the library continues to grow in usefulness.

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