Drink better wine.

Ester & Ethyl

Product & Brand Ecosystem

There are hundreds of wine clubs to choose from, but nothing beats the experience of your neighborhood wine shop. They know you, know what you like, and make the best recommendations. I helped the world’s largest wine company, E. & J. Gallo, translate their deep knowledge of wine into a D2C wine subscription that captures the spirit that local shop.

Product Design

Stop guessing. Start sipping.

Ester & Ethyl is powered by the wine portrait, the face of the personalized wine algorithm. As you drink and rate wine, the wine portrait becomes a powerful but simple tool to know what you like to drink. From that portrait we created simple, friendly opportunities to surface wine that would fit each user.

We pitched dozens of onboarding patterns to help users get into the service, balancing recommendation accuracy with the amount of input needed.

Each part of the Wine Portrait drills down into shoppable modules so that you can learn why you like what you like.

Brand Ecosystem

A personalized experience.

Every touch point needed to reflect the trust and confidence you feel when choosing wine in the safety of your local shop. We created strategy for advertising, email, and packaging to convey care and knowledge in every interaction.

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