Take on today.


Photography & Ecommerce

Sweat happens. Type:A makes no-compromise deodorant so that you don’t have to choose between safety and smelling great. As type:A scaled from niche clean beauty shops to national masstige brand, I helped to refresh their brand, messaging, and D2C site.

Brand Strategy

We’ve got you covered.

You don’t have to be type A, but you want your deodorant to be. Type:A is that supportive best friend who says what they mean and does what they say. We centered the brand on a supportive, real voice supported by clean, active visuals. As the brand added scents aimed at men, we tailored the voice to become more inclusive, speaking to all kinds of days with a wide range of daily goals.


Clean without compromise.

In contrast to the clean and open design, product photography activates all edges of the frame, filling it with energy. Portraits similarly show personifications of the scents, cropped tightly and bubbling joy and confidence.

Ecommerce Site

Ready for tomorrow.

Along with bringing the brand to life on the web, we redesigned the D2C site to meet the needs of a large product pipeline and drive users towards subscriptions.