Break the cycle of pain.

Apotha Nova

Branding & Packaging

Pain is a natural part of our lives, so it needs a natural solution. I helped create the brand and packaging for Apotha Nova, a science-based natural pain remedy.


Finding ways in.

To drive the initial concepts, we looked at two contradictions that the strategy brought up. When you look at the brand, should it line up with the high achieving life you can have free from pain or does it evoke the balance and centeredness possible when pain isn’t clouding every day. At the same time, does the brand lean into the natural ingredients or the precise science that harnesses their power?


Refining the concepts.

Taking into account feedback, we developed two of the directions with a focus on the final packaging.

Brand Guidelines & Packaging

Putting it all together.

From there, we built the rest of the brand world and provided a platform for future growth.

Each formula has its own fingerprint mark, based on the relative amount of each ingredient.

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