Lemonize your life.

Lemon Perfect

Branding, Packaging, & Web

When life gives you lemons, there’s actually quite a lot you can do. Lemon Perfect turned them into a blissfully refreshing cold-pressed lemon water. I helped build a brand to capitalize on the power of their product and define a whole new category.


Drink more lemons.

Lemons are the hero of the brand: natural, energizing, and yellow. At the core of the brand is the color Lemon Yellow. Exceedingly simple, every touchpoint of the brand is awash with Lemon Yellow supported by striking, simple imagery and clean, structured layouts.


Winning the shelf.

While the brand lives in this Lemon Yellow world, the product comes in a rainbow of flavors. Through test printing dozens of Pantones and gradient values, we developed an in depth color palette giving each flavor a color to capture the energy of the lemon, flavor of the drink, and stand out on the shelves.

Brand World

Painting the world yellow.

Since the Lemon Perfect’s launch, we’ve continued to guide the brand, including pushing messaging, expanding packaging for new products, and creating a striking web presence. Our office printer is always out of yellow ink. Sorry, not sorry.

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