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TV Campaign & UI

We all have enough stuff, but we want to surround ourselves with belongings that mean more. While Etsy had been top of mind for unique gifts, they wanted to become the go-to for both the everyday and the special occasion. I helped concept and create a national TV campaign celebrating belongings that mean more because they are made and sold by real people.

The campaign continues to shape the Etsy’s storytelling and subsequent campaigns, especially as the pandemic has made the human connection beneath online shopping even more essential.

Campaign Concept

Making “the everyday” feel special.

Etsy was already known for having items that hold value. The gifts that could only have been for you, the items that come with stories. It’s not just the gifts on Etsy that have that value, but furniture, clothing, and more. We let the products be the heroes of the spot, filming them as the subject of scenes.

UI & Animation

Bringing the UI to life.

Since this was the brand’s first national brand campaign, Etsy needed clear representations of the Etsy UI throughout the spot. I worked with the Etsy Product Team to create a version of the UI that represented the present and future product while also standing out on a range of screen sizes.

Holiday Campaign

Here’s to the givers.

For the holiday season, we extended the Belongings campaign into a series of spots celebrating the givers, the people who go the extra mile and give of themselves all year round.

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